Florence Recommendations


Everything is walkable. We enjoyed the food and ambiance on the other side of the river away from many of the tourists. Good article I wish I had read before our trip. Restaurants  Regina Bistecca – allegedly best Steak Florentine  Trattoria Dall’Oste – chain known for steak. There are tons of locations but we ended…

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Rome Recommendations

Restaurants  Tonnarello – absolutely must go! waited in a 20-30 min line to be seated outside with cups of “line wine” (house wine on tap in a plastic cup).  They serve their pasta in skillets which keeps them warm longer. I got carbonara and Scott got cacio e pepe, plus we started with meatballs. We…

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La Dolce Vita – 2022 Trip to Italy

aline and scott florence

Oh Europe, how we’ve ALL missed you! The American tourists were back in full swing when we visited Italy from May 24 – June 2, 2022. We originally planned our trip around some friends’ from Chicago’s wedding in wine country on Friday, May 27. Since it was both Scott and my first time in Italy,…

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Software Engineer Apprenticeship: The Definitive Guide


Originally published on the Revelry Labs blog on February 28, 2020 This is a complete guide to preparing for and landing a software engineer apprenticeship—that leads to a full-time job!  If you want to pursue a career as a software engineer but don’t know where to start, this guide will outline a solid game plan you can…

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How to Master Slack for Maximum Productivity and Minimum Annoyance


Originally published on the Revelry Labs blog on October 2, 2019 I work at a digital innovation and development studio where our distributed team of engineers, developers, designers, content creators, and product managers have used Slack as its primary communication tool for years now. With Slack’s recent IPO the popular chat tool with the mission is to kill email is…

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How To Be Proactive at Work on a Lean Agile Team


Originally published on the Revelry Labs blog on August 14, 2018 You probably have really productive, energetic friends who tell you that if you start your day by waking up and scrolling through social media, you immediately put yourself in a reactionary and comparative mindset. We know that if we start our day by doing something healthy mentally…

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How, Why, and When: The Elements of an Effective Ticket Comment


Originally published on the Revelry Labs blog on April 9, 2018 At Revelry, we are always trying out new processes and refining old ones. We have a whole Slack channel dedicated to discussing #process and finding other, better ways to do something that will benefit everyone. And recently, I decided we needed to place a bigger emphasis on ticket…

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rome storytrail

Ever find yourself sitting at your desk, imagining wandering the ancient streets of Rome or daydreaming about sitting on the beach in LA? Hi, hello, um…YES! Now with a new platform called StoryTrail, you can travel virtually to cities around the world without ever leaving your couch! On their website, Storytrail host a number of “video…

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Mount Popa & Bagan Sunsets

margaret on bagan temple myanmar

Famous for its scattered ancient temples, Bagan is in the Mandalay Region of Myanmar. 2200 temples remain today of the 10,000 built during the peak of the kingdom, between the 11th and 13th centuries. It’s essentially the Angkor Wat of Myanmar. Only two days are needed to see the majority of the preserved temples in Bagan. Since we…

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