Hpa-An & Moulemein Myanmar Trip

aline and helen at coffee shop in hpa an

Bus Trips from Yagon A bus trip out of the city can be a rewarding and exciting experience. Far less developed than Yangon, smaller villages offer a snapshot of daily life for the vast majority of Myanmar citizens. Still new to visitors, you’ll be greeted with curious stares interrupted by warm smiles when eye contact…

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Helen’s Myanmar

helen and students on a field trip in Myanmar

Helen Waller grew up in New Orleans, LA, attended Carlton for college and now lives and works in Yangon, Myanmar. I interviewed Helen in Yangon on her thoughts on being an ex-pat and what she loves most about her new home and career. Plus she offers a bit of advice for those considering a move…

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Packing Light to Shop Hard


Here is my promised packing post. I’ve spent weeks, maybe months, reviewing travel blogs, packing guides, and discussing with anyone who will talk to me about what to bring! The best and most common advice I’ve been getting is to PACK LIGHT. And, let’s be real, I’m going to shop when I’m there. I’ll be renting scuba…

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Planning & Prepping

packing backpack

It’s a little over a week before I’m Southeast Asia bound. There has been so much to do to prepare for this trip –physically, mentally, and emotionally. Below is a to-do list of all my planning for backpacking Southeast Asia. Immunization Shots & Pills I made an appointment at the Tulane Travel Clinic to get…

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It’s All Happening

Today is the day I purchased my flight to Yangon, Myanmar. An idea I’ve had for over a year now that formulated over beers at the Magazine Street Bulldog. An old friend from middle and high school and I were catching up over a couple drafts. Shortly after we both graduated college, she moved to…

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